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    Resume Download Credits

    A Resume Download Credit allows Employers to download candidate contact details.

    One credit provides Employers with one candidates contact details.

    The credits are priced in packages, see Costs for more information. Employers purchase credits once they have logged into ISMYCV, using a valid Credit Card.

    Resume Download Credits do not have an expiry date.

    to download potential employee contact details;
  • Method of payment accepted: Visa and MasterCard;
  • Resume Download Credits do not have an expiry date.
CreditsCostsUnit Price
3 Resume Downloads $60.00 $20.00
7 Resume Downloads $119.00 $17.00
10 Resume Downloads $150.00 $15.00
25 Resume Downloads $300.00 $12.00
50 Resume Downloads $500.00 $10.00
100 Resume Downloads $700.00 $7.00

Think of how much money your business could save on recruitment costs, with ISMYCV’s affordable and flexible service.

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