Procurement Officer Jobs in Canada
A Procurement Officer supervises, assigns and reviews the work of staff who are responsible for purchasing decisions in accordance with company and regional policies and procedures.

It is also their role to oversee human resources activities relating to staff under their supervision.

The duties of a Procurement Officer include:

  • managing large and complex purchases
  • assisting departments with specification development
  • submitting proposals and evaluations for purchases
  • monitoring prices and obtaining best price for office expenditures
  • approving payment of invoices and negotiating contracts
  • reviewing all purchases where the lowest bidder has not been awarded contract to ensure adequate justification and compliance with company policy
  • resolves any concerns regarding bid solicitations, contract awards or contract performance

A Procurement Officer must hold a formal qualification in Accounting, Business Administration or a related field. In addition, they must have at least four years experience in governmental or commercial accounting.

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