Tax Accountants in Canada
Tax Accountants requires a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting, and in some instances, may be required to also hold a master’s degree.

Tax Accountants prepares federal, state or local tax returns on behalf of businesses, organisations or individual clients. They must advise clients on any tax changes or regulations that affect their business and ensure compliance with taxing agency requirements.

Tax Accountants is expected to possess strong communication and research skills, business acumen, computer proficiency and thorough knowledge of automated tax processing systems, federal tax laws and mathematics.

Typical duties for a Tax Accountant include:

  • providing monthly financial reports to lenders
  • preparing annual tax returns on behalf of clients
  • complying with federal or state auditing authorities
  • reviewing monthly mortgage statements
  • preparing, amending and filing corporate and individual tax returns
  • utilises accounting software to keep up-to-date databases

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