Digital Producer Profile in Canada
A Digital Producer leads a team of developers and designers through the process of creating an interactive design project, including the concept, prototyping, production, testing and delivery. It is essential that a Digital Producer has excellent organisational and management abilities, in addition to being able to speak knowingly to developers and programmers regarding online and technical concepts and concerns. They will be required to set deadlines; set and maintain a budget; and motivate a team of diverse professionals, while also keeping clients and stakeholders up to date on progress.

Day to day duties of a Digital Producer include:

  • project management of a diverse team
  • liaising with clients to understand their needs and propose solutions
  • setting goals and deadlines for various members of the team
  • discussing technical specifications and requirements with programmers and developers
  • respond to client requests and queries
  • briefing graphic and multimedia designers
  • preparing and delivering clear and thorough reports and written communications regarding projects
  • attending conferences or exhibitions on digital and creative innovations
  • recruiting and managing specialist contractors
  • planning and supervising QA testing

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