Film Producer Job Profile in Canada
A Film Producer coordinates and supervises the processes and professionals required to make movies. Their role includes managing:
  • fundraising
  • hiring film-making professionals
  • arranging for distributors to view and purchase the film
  • arranging for film screenings in competitions and festivals

A Film Producer is involved from the beginning to the end of the film-making and distribution process. While the Director receives the greatest creative accolades, it is the Producer who is responsible for the majority of creative and business decisions.

A Film Producer’s duties include:

  • handling contracts, budgets and schedules
  • persuading distributors and festival organisers to screen the film
  • solve conflicts on or off the film set
  • schedule and supervise meeting with production and post production personnel
  • approve advertising campaigns
  • arrange and supervise media appearances by film personalities (including the Film Director and Actors)
  • reading and approving scripts
  • attend networking events, conferences and creative agencies
  • watch screen tests and auditions to select and approve Actors and Performers

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