Media Buyer Profile in Canada
A Media Buyer works within an advertising or media agency to negotiate, purchase and monitor media space on behalf of their clients. It is their role to purchase media and advertising space in the ideal format and time frame for each client at a favourable price.

Media space includes newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards, internet, television, cinema and radio. A Media Buyer may specialise in one format or work across a range of media. Often they will handle multiple clients simultaneously.

Typical daily tasks of a Media Buyer include:

  • servicing multiple client accounts with varying objectives and deadlines
  • researching and identifying the target audience for a media campaign and establishing the best means of communicating with that audience
  • maintaining up-to-date knowledge of distribution and audience figures for various media
  • building relationships with clients and media sales agencies
  • negotiating the best rates and most appropriate media spaces for clients
  • booking media space, including newspaper or magazine pages, posters, internet banners, radio slots, etcetera
  • following up the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to ensure clients are receiving value for money
  • collecting and analysing sales and consumer data and presenting this in a meaningful way to management and clients
  • preparing costings, spending updates and budgeting plans for clients
  • negotiating favourable rates for multi-platform advertising and media campaigns

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