Conservation Scientists Jobs in Canada
Conservation Scientists manage the use and development of forests and natural resources. They oversee the natural environment that produces wood products, livestock forage, minerals and water. Their duty is to advise landowners on the use and management of the land to optimise sustainability and productivity. They also work on conserving and restoring public and private land.

Conservation Scientists usually specialise in a particular area, such as soil conservation, urban forestry, pest management, native fauna and flora, or forest economics.

Common duties of a Conservation Scientistinclude:

  • studying, managing, improving and protecting land
  • observing and recording data on animal grazing, wildlife habits, water supply and quality, recreational uses of land, and mineral and energy resources
  • assist landowners to attain optimum livestock production
  • advise on number of animals to graze and optimal seasons for grazing
  • maintain soil stability and vegetation
  • prevent and plan for the possibility of wildfires and invasion of foreign animal species
  • plan and implement revegetation of damaged land

Conservation Scientists work outdoors in all types of weather, sometimes in isolated areas, and may also need to walk long distances through densely wooded land to carry out their work. Considerable physical fitness and stamina are required.

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