Drover Jobs in Canada
A Drover is an experienced stockman who moves livestock, usually sheep or cattle, over long distances. They are required when delivering animals to a new owner’s property, taking animals to market, or moving animals during a drought to a healthier environment.

Drovers may be required to move a small mob of cattle, or take on the more challenging task of moving several hundred wild cattle over long distances.

Drovers must be:

  • excellent horsemen
  • able to manage stock in various environments and conditions
  • able to withstand long periods of working alone
  • able to prepare and cook meals in barren environments
  • able to set up camp and make a safe fire for warmth and cooking purposes
  • handle a rush caused by wild animals, lightning or other stimulus

The introduction of railways, trucks and trailers to transport livestock has lead to a decline in the number of Drovers required, however they do still operate in National Parks and remote areas of Australia and the United States.

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