Environmental Scientist Jobs in Canada
Environmental Scientists study the earth and how it is affected by change. Environmental Scientists work on ways to respond to issues concerning pollution, air, water and soil quality and factors associated with these.

Environmental Scientists have a Bachelor’s degree at minimum. They study geography, environmental science, chemistry, biology, earth science, and physics. They also study math and statistics so that they can understand measurements and data.

The following duties may be part of an Environmental Scientist's role:

  • evaluating habitat, wildlife and fisheries needs, and formulating short and long-term management goals and objectives
  • enforcing laws and regulations to conserve and protect fish and wildlife
  • carrying out environmental impact assessments for a wide range of development projects
  • proposing solutions to address negative environmental impact
  • studying the effects of factors, such as terrain, altitude, climatic and environmental change, sources of nutrition, predators and the impacts of humans, on animal and plant life
  • studying and analysing pollution, atmospheric conditions, demographic characteristics, ecology, mineral, soil and water samples
  • developing conservation and management policies for biological resources, such as fish populations and forests, and establishing standards and developing approaches for the control of pollution and the rehabilitation of areas disturbed by activities such as farming
  • implementing policies and organising activities in designated parks and other areas to conserve and protect natural and cultural heritage

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