Fruit & Nut Grower Jobs in Canada
A Fruit & Nut Growers is responsible for producing specific or various types of fruit and nut for the retail or wholesale market. They are involved from the beginning of the process, in choosing the type of plants and the timing of planting, through to harvesting, packaging and selling the produce.

Typical duties of a Fruit & Nut Grower include:

  • planning and managing soil preparation, taking account of environmental factors
  • grafting new varieties to root stock and planting crops
  • controlling weeds and pests
  • directing and supervising farming activities, including fertilising, pest and weed control
  • maintaining farm buildings, fences, equipment and watering systems
  • managing the sale, purchase and transportation of produce
  • keeps records of farming activities, market activity and seasonal changes
  • manages administrative business, including budgeting, taxation, debt and loans and equipment purchase and maintenance
  • recruits staff, including seasonal fruit-pickers and ensures occupational health and safety

Particular fruits and nuts will only produce optimally under certain conditions, such as level of sunlight and soil composition. Fruit & Nut Growers are therefore guided by their local environment and also by the local and international demand for their produce. In most cases, Fruit & Nut Growers operate within small and hands-on teams, requiring plenty of time outdoors in a physically demanding environment.

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