Pig Farmer Jobs in Canada
Pig farmers manage and oversee the daily running of pig farms, which breed and raise pigs for the production of meat and breeding stock.

Pig farmer jobs may include:

  • knowledge of the animals reactions in different situations and how to deal with those reactions
  • an understanding of the life cycle and anatomy of pigs
  • knowledge of diseases in pigs and how to minimise these diseases
  • up to date knowledge of the latest farming research and techniques
  • good observational skills
  • animal-handling skills
  • good business and record-keeping skills

Pig farmers require a good level of physical fitness as handling pigs require strength and agility. A Pig farmer will be required to live on or near the pig farm, to enable them to monitor the animals.

Pig farmers are required to maintain the piggery’s hygienic conditions and keep the animals clean and sanitary. There is close handling of pigs of all sizes and Pig farmers need to have knowledge in careful handling mature boars, and sows with piglets.

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