Sugarcane Producers Jobs in Canada
Sugarcane Producers plant, grow, harvest, transport and sell sugarcane. Sugarcane products include table sugar, molasses, rum and ethanol. It can also be used as the raw material for paper and cardboard creation.

Sugarcane requires a tropical climate and Australia is one of the prime growing regions, along with India, Peru, Brazil, the Phillipines and Hawaii. The most common planting method is billet planting, which has replaced hand-planting. This requires the operation of a machine which opens and recloses the ground. The same machine is used for harvesting.

Sugarcane Producers may:

  • plant and harvest sugarcane using the billet planting method
  • oversee the delivery of sugarcane to mills, where it is bleached to make white sugar
  • arrange for the remaining fibrous solids, called bagasse, to be sold and used for fuel
  • plans for and controls pests and weeds from interfering with crops
  • recruits and manages staff
  • attends networking events
  • ensures sustainable farming production methods are employed

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