Actor Jobs Profile in Canada
It is an Actor’s job to express a character to an audience through body language, speech and movement. This usually requires the interpreting of a script, under the guidance of a director. There may be some flexibility for improvisation, depending on the nature of the project.

An Actor may work across a variety of media, or specialise in one particular area, such as theatre, television sets, film sets, radio plays, school or educational performances.

An Actor must be emotionally and mentally resilient, as they will often audition for many roles and unless they are very well-established in the industry, may experience many periods of unemployment or underemployment.

An Actor’s daily tasks may include:

  • auditioning and meeting with casting agents, directors and producers
  • preparing for and rehearsing for auditions
  • learning lines and rehearsing alone or with fellow Actors and crew
  • researching or participating in preparatory activities to embody a particular character
  • performing for a live audience
  • performing in a studio or ‘on location’
  • doing voice-overs or recording audio for film, radio or internet broadcast

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