Arts Administrator Jobs Profile in Canada
An Arts Administrator may be employed across any of the arts and cultural organisations, including theatres, museums, art galleries, arts festivals, councils, dance companies and community arts organisations.

Arts Administrators are involved in marketing, event bookings and financial administration. Depending on the size and nature of the organisation, they may be involved in recruitment, the maintenance of buildings and facilities, public relations and budget reports.

An Arts Administrator requires knowledge of local, state and federal public arts policy, including human resources and insurance laws. They will often work closely with artists and performers; curators; management and executive staff, and volunteers. Excellent communication and relationship skills will be essential to an Administrator.

Arts Administrators must research and actively seek opportunities to apply for funds, grants and awards to enable them to run new and untested arts programs or events.

Arts Administrators rely on their strong logistical and organisational skills to guide and support the organisation they are employed by. Usually, they will hold a degree in a related area, such as Arts or Business Management, with additional certificate or similar in Arts Management or Administration specifically.

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