Illustrators Jobs Profile in Canada
An Illustrator produces hand-drawn or computer-aided drawings for reproduction in books, brochures, technical manuals or magazines. Depending on their level of expertise and area of speciality, an Illustrator may work in the more creative sphere, as a Children’s Book Illustrator or producing fashion illustrations for magazines; or they may work as Medical Illustrators, producing highly anatomically-detailed illustrations for reproduction in medical textbooks.

An Illustrator has a variety of opportunities, including occupations such as:

  • Medical Illustrator: producing anatomical illustrations for reproduction in medical journals and textbooks
  • Fashion Illustrator: producing illustrations of models and garments for reproduction in fashion journals, online fashion stores, advertisements or retail purposes
  • Marine Illustration: producing highly detailed illustrations of ships, yachts, underwater landscapes and marine fauna and flora
  • Garden and Flower Illustration: produces realistic images of landscapes and plantlife for gardening or environmental publications or for commercial sale
  • Portraiture: produces lifelike illustrations of human or animal subjects, either for commercial sale, for private clients, or for official use, as in the portraits of politicians and royalty in public or parliamentary galleries

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