Bike Courier Jobs Profile in Canada
A Bike Courier generally works for a courier company to deliver items to their destinations within a short service time. As a courier vehicle, bikes can provide a faster delivery time during peak traffic periods and require less expenditure on servicing, maintenance and insurance.

Most Bike Courier positions are located within the central business district of major cities. Bike Couriers who are not employed by courier companies usually work on an independent contractor basis.

Hours spent cycling and delivering packages, which may also require running up and down stairs, demands Bike Couriers to be physically fit and healthy. They will also require excellent geographical knowledge and map-reading skills to be capable of delivering items in the shortest period of time possible.

Daily tasks of a Bike Courier may include:

  • receiving delivery orders from clients
  • receiving, sorting and packing items for secure delivery
  • maintaining a log of items delivered and received
  • collecting payment for delivered items
  • identifying the fastest route from collection to delivery location
  • servicing the delivery bike, including repairing flat tyres or faulty gears

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