Hazardous Materials Removalist Jobs Profile in Canada
A Hazardous Materials Removalist identifies, removes, packs, transports and disposes of hazardous materials. A Hazardous Materials Removalist deal with asbestos, lead-based paint, waste oil, fuel, radioactive materials, and medical waste. Hazardous Materials Removalists require training and certification in order to operate. A Hazardous Materials Removalist may be required to use earth-moving equipment or trucks.

Common duties of a Hazardous Materials Removalist include:

  • load and unload contaminated materials into containers
  • operating machinery to remove, package, store or transport waste materials
  • keep accurate records of materials and condition of sites and waste disposed
  • organise and track the locations of hazardous materials
  • wear protective clothing and equipment to ensure safety
  • follow prescribed safety procedures and comply with federal laws regulating waste disposal
  • identify asbestos, lead, and other hazardous materials requiring removal using monitoring devices

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