Tram Driver Jobs Profile in Canada
A Tram Driver is responsible for the operation of a tram while travelling a route under a schedule or timetable. A Tram Drivers jobs include:
  • conducting pre-start checks on the vehicle
  • inspecting the vehicles operation of the control equipment
  • checking the trams sanding and braking system
  • recording, rectifying, any defects and reporting to relevant personnel
  • adhering to depot instructions, standard operating procedures, safework rules and road rules
  • operating tram controls and systems including doors, ticketing machine and signals
  • following tram route and timetable stopping at scheduled or compulsory stops
  • working with the tram crew, e.g. conductor
  • dealing with emergency situations during tram operations including collisions, injuries, derailments, and any applicable emergency communication and evacuation procedures
  • keeping accurate records, carrying out required post-operational checks and reporting any faults, defects or incidents during a shift

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