Cabinet Maker Jobs Profile in Canada
A Cabinet Maker builds or repairs wooden furniture. They also assemble and operate woodworking machines and use various handtools to fabricate and repair wooden cabinets and furniture. Cabinet Makers study blueprints or drawings to guide them in construction and repair tasks.

General duties of a Cabinet Maker include:

  • marking outline or dimensions of furniture pieces on paper or lumber stock, according to drawing specifications
  • matches materials for colour, grain or texture
  • uses tools such as power saws, jointers, tenoners, molders and shapers
  • trims pieces using handtools, including planes, chisels, wood files
  • glues, fits and clamps parts together to form complete units
  • sands and chisels surfaces to prepare articles for finishing
  • installs hinges, catches and draw handles
  • researches historical methods and embellishments to ensure accuracy when restoring furniture or other woodworks

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