Crane Operator Jobs Profile in Canada
A Crane Operator has expert knowledge of operating heavy equipment and the safe and effective operation of equipment within the construction environment.

There are various types of cranes, including truck-mounted and self-propelled. All cranes have a space for a Crane Operator to sit, and a long arm (or boom) that has ropes, hooks or other equipment attached. A Crane Operator controls the machinery with pedals, levers, dials and switches. They may be employed to hoist concrete or steel, dig out and lift dirt, or to bring down walls using a wrecking ball.

Crane Operators require excellent spatial awareness and an ability to operate various functions within the machine simultaneously.

Crane Operators generally work in manufacturing industries that handle heavy materials; in transportation and shipping industries; or in the logging and mining industries.

Generally, a Crane Operator enters the industry through an apprenticeship scheme that combines at least three years of on-the-job training with classroom instruction. Experience will enable them to confidently operate a two-way radio; be thoroughly schooled in occupational health and safety regulations; and to judge distance and resistance of varying materials.

For safety reasons, Crane Operators should not be colourblind. During training, applicants will be closely supervised and then be assessed by a registered assessor.

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