Site Manager Jobs Profile in Canada
A Site Manager is in charge of all on-site operations. They work alongside contractors and subcontractors to ensure that the building contract runs according to budget and schedule specifications. A Site Manager plans the work to be undertaken, arranges the delivery of materials and delegates duties and responsibilities amongst contractors and subcontractors.

Site Managers may be employed by building and construction companies, civil engineering firms and contractors. They may also be employed by local councils or government to supervise the refurbishment of council owned properties.

Common work duties of a Site Manager include:

  • ensuring the project meets the budgetary and deadline specifications
  • planning for and dealing with any obstructions or conflicts that arise
  • meeting with quantity surveyors, contract administrators, site foremen, subcontractors and clients to discuss progress and the project
  • ensuring strict quality control procedures and adherence to occupational health and safety guidelines
  • conducting regular reviews of progress

Site Managers usually have several years’ experience on construction sites prior to taking on these senior responsibilities. Graduates or construction professionals who desire to take on this occupation may gain an entry through a role as Assistant Site Manager or Site Engineer.

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