Customer Relations Manager Jobs in Canada
The Customer Relations Manager is employed in building a profitable business through effective and targeted customer relations strategies. It is their job to build trust, confidence and goodwill between the organisation and their customers. Customer Relations Managers must understand the needs of their customers in order to convey how their organisation can meet their needs through products and services. Their key considerations are customer acquisition, retention and customer satisfaction.

Customer Relations Managers:

  • develop and maintain relationships with customers
  • analyse work flow, evaluate customer service systems and plan improvements
  • recommend strategies to improve customer service systems
  • meet with customer service staff and management to convey plans and research
  • monitor customer service quality against a set of metrics and benchmarks

Customer Relations Managers work across many environments, including retail, transportation, construction, healthcare, engineering and information technology.

Key skills required are:

  • an ability to multitask and prioritise duties
  • communicate clearly with customers and colleagues
  • analyse and report on customer service systems and personnel
  • implement training and systems to improve on present standards
  • assist in building and maintaining a productive, cohesive customer service team

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