Team Leader Jobs in Canada
Team Leaders are instrumental in the ongoing development and motivation of a customer service team. Their role is to make sure that the customer service team maintain high delivery standards and that all members of the team are fulfilling their delegated tasks. They also implement processes and policies that are designed to improve team spirit and morale.

Team Leaders:

  • need to be able to inspire and motivate a team
  • recognise and acknowledge the strengths, skills and contributions of individual team members
  • celebrate the accomplishments of their team
  • evaluate skills shortages and initiate leadership and coaching programs
  • provide constructive criticism and provide structured staff performance feedback and rewards systems
  • approach staff members who are not meeting quality or performance requirements to assess their motivational and skills needs

Team Leaders generally gain their requisite experience and skills from working as part of a customer service team initially. They may also gain qualifications in management or training.

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