Childcare Assistant Jobs Profile in Canada
A Childcare Assistant provides care and supervision for pre-school children in a childcare or child development facility, under the direct supervision of senior staff members who plan and supervise activities for children.

Childcare Assistants:

  • assist in supervising children during play activities, indoors and outdoors
  • assist in feeding, dressing, sleeping, washing and other activities
  • follow the guidance of senior staff in delivering development-oriented experiences and activities for children (eg. painting, counting, singing, etc.)
  • provides feedback and information to parents or carers on child’s progress
  • assists in the cleaning and organisation of the classroom, equipment, supplies and playing areas

Childcare Assistants are required to undergo a Working With Children check and due to recent policy changes, are required to hold minimum qualifications in Childcare. These may vary according to region and locality.

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