Graduate Jobs in Canada
The options available to a Graduate will depend on their discipline, level of study and career objectives. There are comprehensive Graduate Programs available in the Government, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Often, a Graduate will do their research and apply for programs while in the end stages of completing their qualifications, as the process of applying for, and obtaining, a graduate program position can sometimes be a lengthy process of course results submissions, group and individual interviews either with a panel or with a single interviewer.

The market for Graduates is strong, with research showing that 93% of employers surveyed during the 2009 financial crisis still recruited graduates to their organisations.

Employers indicated that the most important factors considered in employing a graduate were their work history and interpersonal and communication skills.

The major benefit of a Graduate Program is that for Graduates without definite ideas of where they would like to specialise or direct their careers, an all-round introduction to the workforce and areas of interest allows them to broaden their experience and choose which direction to take their career. Graduate Programs also offer support and training, usually in a highly structured and responsive way.

There are Graduate positions and programs for nearly every discipline, including banking, engineering, law, science, arts, design, IT and marketing.

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