Librarian Jobs Profile in Canada
A Librarian within an academic institution, such as a university, school, private college or technical education institution, engages in strategic planning, incorporates emerging technologies, and manages the collection of published and online resources within the library system.

The Librarian must be aware of the changing needs of the students, faculty and research staff in regards to academic publications, textbooks, e-learning resources and multimedia resources.

Librarians will require excellent communication skills as they will be called upon to assist staff and students to locate and access relevant resources.

Key tasks undertaken by Librarians include:

  • ordering, processing and cataloguing new materials
  • liaising with students and faculty members to locate and retrieve multimedia or published resources applicable to their specialty field of study or research
  • conducting training seminars for students in how to use library resources
  • supervise the use of on-site computers, journals and other library resources
  • register new library members and assign them an individual code and library card
  • assist library members to borrow, return and locate library resources

Librarians in academic institutions are generally required to have basic qualifications in library science or operations. The requisite qualifications will depend upon location and regionality.

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