Primary School Teacher Jobs in Canada
A Primary School Teacher plays a pivotal role in the social and intellectual development of students aged six to twelve. The teacher’s main role is to plan and deliver learning activities according to curriculum requirements and according to numeracy and literacy expectations.

Primary School Teachers must work alongside the Principal, fellow teachers, parents and members of the community to instil a sense of individuality, confidence and knowledge in young students.

In planning and delivering daily classes, the teacher must encourage a safe, but stimulating, environment using a range of resources including objects, technology, sound and vision.

Primary School Teachers must also respect the diversity of cultures and traditions of their students, ensuring that students always feel comfortable in expressing their opinions and individual natures.

It is also the responsibility of teachers to identify students who are either struggling to meet the expected learning benchmarks or those who are so advanced that the existing program does not meet their needs. In these circumstances, the teacher must be prepared to arrange alternative or additional education for these students.

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