School Principal Jobs Profile in Canada
The School Principal is responsible for management, supervision and determining the objectives and the character of the school. The School Principal has major obligations as:
  • a leader who promotes a productive and supportive working and learning environment
  • a mediator between parents, teachers and students
  • a representative of the school to the community, including parents and local councils and other authorities. In this role, the Principal is also responsible for securing community support for school functions and activities
  • a recruitment expert, choosing the staff who can not only provide the best academic experience for students, but who also uphold the values of the school and contribute positively to the social environment and overall morale of staff and students
  • a considered and fair administer of discipline, who is able to consider fair reward and punishment for students’ actions
  • a skilled planner in regards to the budget, who is able to divide funds between the various departments with an eye to the short and long term implications

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