Beauty Therapist Jobs in Canada
A Beauty Therapist provides advice, products and services to enhance the physical appearance of clients. Beauty Therapist may work for department stores, cosmetics companies, beauty salons, or they may operate their own consultancy business.

Beauty Therapist differ in their level of training. Beauty Therapist who work for cosmetics company usually undergo training specific to the application and benefits of their products. There are numerous certificate and diploma qualifications available to those in the Beauty industry.

Though traditionally considered a service used by women, the male clientele of Beauty Therapists has grown through effective marketing and cultural change. Beauty Therapists must be capable of establishing a comfortable environment for male and female clients, where they can feel comfortable discussing personal image concerns.

A Beauty Therapist must attend to their own grooming and appearance in order to inspire confidence in existing clients while also attracting new clients. Making suggestions about personal appearance is a sensitive matter and Beauty Therapists must have the requisite diplomatic and tactful skills to do so in a way that improves the confidence of the client.

Beauty Therapists ought to have a good knowledge of skin, hair and common cosmetic ingredients. In order to provide certain more complex services, such as laser, electrolysis or Intense Pulse Light therapy, Beauty Therapists will require specialised training.

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