Stylist Jobs in Canada
Stylists coordinate the visual images that appear in photographs or video. They are also employed by high-end retail stores to assist clients in putting together garments that flatter their body size, shape and skin colour.

Stylists usually work from a design brief, collaborating with photographers, art directors, fashion designers, lighting technicians and set designers to establish the final images.

Stylists rely on their broad knowledge of designers, fashion trends, colour co-ordination and accessories to develop images that fit design briefs.

Key tasks of a Stylist include:

  • contacting retailers, manufacturers and public relations representatives regarding product supply
  • hiring, borrowing or purchasing garments, accessories or props
  • scouting for the right studio, models, photographers or art directors to fit the design brief
  • co-ordinating the choice of garments, accessories and props
  • establishing a “story” behind the choice of garments and imagery
  • understanding what suits and flatters different bodies, ages and colours

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