Debt Collector Jobs Profile in Canada
A Debt Collector takes reasonable and legitimate steps to secure payment from consumers who are legally bound to pay or repay outstanding money they owe. Debt Collectors work on behalf of businesses or agencies who are seeking due payments.

Debt Collectors:

  • contact debtor and provide information on their account
  • convey the demand for payment
  • accurately and sensitively explain the consequences of non-payment, including any legal remedies that may be exercised by the company or agency seeking payment
  • make arrangements for repayment
  • investigate whether the debtor has changed their residential address without informing the creditor
  • propose and initiate a repayment plan in accordance with creditor policies

Debt Collectors are policed by the Competition and Consumer Commission and there are strict guidelines as to the legality and acceptability of behaviour of Debt Collectors. A thorough understanding of what is acceptable will be expected of Debt Collectors.

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