Cultural Heritage Officer Jobs Profile in Canada
A Cultural Heritage Officer must have excellent knowledge of history and culture, environmental design and also, potentially, specialist knowledge in a particular area such as archaeology, visual arts or sociology.

A passion for historically significant sites, objects, events and traditions is inherent in Cultural Heritage Officers. They will also require advanced research skills and the ability to prepare reports and articles that convey complex historical research and heritage policies into documents that are comprehensible to non-professionals in this field.

A Cultural Heritage Officer may carry out the following duties:

  • develop conservation policies and guidelines
  • refer to and administer legislation
  • pursue and arrange funding for heritage applications
  • assess the value of locations and objects of cultural heritage significance
  • advise interested parties on proposed projects or activities that affect cultural heritage sites
  • advise on the conservation and management of sites and objects of cultural heritage significance
  • educate the community on the heritage value of objects, sites, events and practices

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