Emergency Management Analyst Jobs in Canada

Emergency Management Analysts devise new and improved operating procedures to most efficiently accomplish tasks, review problems and procedures such as communications, information flow, assessment methods and response procedures to plan new strategies.

Emergency Management Analyst jobs involve organising and documenting results of studies and making recommendations based on the outcomes. Emergency Management Analysts work with personnel to ensure the smooth implementation of new systems, procedures or organisational changes. Emergency Management Analysts may install new systems and train personnel in application. Emergency Management Analysts review operational effectiveness to ensure changes are applied and working as intended.

Emergency Management Analyst jobs involve the following:

  • ensuring continuous and reliable alert services and points of contact to emergency agencies employees and personnel
  • coordinate effective review and analysis of information
  • coordinate an effective response to a special event, incident or emergency for the emergency agency and personnel
  • maintain a high quality service to emergency employees, personnel and to relevant community and government authorities as well as to the public in multiple languages

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