Fire Fighter Jobs in Canada

Fire Fighters respond to all types of accident, disaster and emergency situations which involve the rescue of people and protection of property. Fire Fighters also take measures to make an area safer by minimising the risks of fire and other hazards.

Fire Fighter jobs involve working closely with the community to increase their fire safety awareness helping to prevent fires and accidents occurring. Fire Fighters also promote fire safety and enforce fire safety regulations in public and commercial premises. Fire Fighters may be required to hold lectures, exercises, practice drills and other forms of training as part of their job.

Fire Fighter’s jobs may include:

  • responding immediately and safely to emergency calls
  • attending emergencies including fires, road accidents, floods, bomb incidents, spillages of dangerous substances, and rail and air crashes
  • rescuing trapped people and livestock
  • minimising distress and suffering and giving first aid before ambulance crews arrive
  • safeguarding their own and other people's safety
  • site clean up and safety check after dealing with an incident
  • familiarising local streets, roads and buildings around the fire stations in order to ensure speed and efficiency
  • maintaining the vehicles and their equipment, assisting in the testing of fire hydrants and emergency water supplies
  • performing drills and physical training, training on techniques and use of equipment
  • maintaining peak physical fitness needed to carry out all required duties
  • forming relationships with the local community, educating and informing the public to help promote fire safety
  • giving talks in schools and to local organisations
  • assessing situations quickly and deciding on the best course of action
  • leading and directing the crew as higher ranks are achieved
  • writing accurate incident reports

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