Garbage Collector Jobs in Canada

Garbage Collector jobs involve the collection of refuse and recyclable materials from domestic and commercial sites in trucks and then unloading at refuse dumps.

Garbage Collector jobs may include:

  • inspecting garbage trucks prior to beginning routes to ensure safe operating conditions
  • refuelling trucks and maintaining necessary fluids, such as oil
  • prepares any necessary reports for defective equipment
  • driving to disposal sites to empty trucks when they are full
  • driving trucks along specified routes through residential streets, business and industrial areas
  • operating equipment that compresses the collected refuse
  • operating hoisting devices that raise refuse bins and dump contents into the truck
  • dismounting the garbage truck to collect garbage and remounting the truck to ride to the next collection point
  • communicating with dispatchers about delays, unsafe sites, accidents, equipment breakdowns, and other problems
  • keeping up to date on road and weather conditions to determine how routes will be affected

A Garbage Collector may also be required to perform routine maintenance on equipment and needs to determine when and what kind of maintenance is necessary on the trucks used for their route.

A Garbage Collector will need to have excellent hand eye coordination to quickly and repeatedly adjust the controls in a vehicle to exact positions for loading into the truck. A Garbage Collector must have the ability to judge an objects distance and angle to manoeuvre the vehicle into place.

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