Police Officer Jobs Profile in Canada
Police Officers play an essential role in protecting the public by preventing and punishing criminal activities. Police Officers are increasingly reliant on technology to manage information and intelligence in promoting safe and peaceful communities.

The major responsibilities of a Police Officer are:

  • tackling antisocial behaviour
  • reducing and preventing theft
  • reducing and preventing street-based crime
  • combating organised criminal activities
  • supporting the victims of crime
Police Officers undertake thorough training, which may include:
  • conducting patrol duties on foot, by car, bicycle or on horseback
  • responding to calls and public requests for assistance
  • attend road incidents, including collisions
  • maintaining the peace at public meetings, rallies, social events or strikes
  • interviewing suspects, victims and witnesses
  • gathering, recording and analysing information and intelligence in the building of a case
  • attending court to provide evidence
  • preparing crime reports

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