Town Planner Jobs Profile in Canada
Town Planners play essential roles in the decisions regarding management and development of cities, towns, villages and regional locales. Their objective is to ensure balance between the levels of housing, industrial development, agriculture, leisure zones, transport facilities and the environment.

Often, the demands of industry may conflict with the demands of agriculture, environmental or community interests and it is up to the Town Planner to consult regulations, policies and historical data and decisions to ensure that the optimal outcome is reached.

The typical tasks of a Town Planner include:

  • developing planning solutions that account for the conflicting interests of all interested parties
  • consulting with stakeholders and liaising with developers, surveyors and design professionals
  • researching planning policies as guidance in present decision-making
  • utilising CAD (computer aided design) or GIS (geographical information systems)
  • attending planning boards, appeals and public inquiries and representing council interests
  • promoting environmental issues, including sustainable design and materials and educating the community on climate change and waste-reduction practices
  • compiling complex reports that make recommendations, referring to relevant regulations

Town Planners in Canada are generally graduates from a certified course. Such courses are generally 4-year Bachelors degrees.

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