Hospital Administrator Jobs in Canada
Hospital Administrators coordinate, direct and oversee the health and administrative services provided by hospitals, community health services and other health service providers.

Their responsibilities may include:

  • preparing annual funding estimates, analysing and predicting the demand for services and allocating budgets accordingly
  • suggesting improvements to the delivery of the health service through planning and accounting for the cost of care and distribution of staff
  • advocating for the health service at meetings, seminars and functions
  • educating the community, local interest groups, politicians, industrial associations and the media in regard to the health services provided
  • establish and manage contractors in the areas of cleaning, safety, maintenance, records and accounts
  • liaise with medical practitioners and nursing staff

A Hospital Administrator must have strong analysis and problem solving skills, with the ability to liaise with and manage staff at all levels of a health service organisation. Prior experience in a health service organisation will be highly beneficial, but excellent administrative and management skills will be the real skills an employer seeks in candidates for this occupation.

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