Apprentice Baker Jobs in Canada
An Apprentice Baker undertakes intensive training under the supervision of a fully qualified Baker, while also attending a technical training institution. The appeal of doing an apprenticeship over training alone is that the Apprentice Baker receives on-the-job training and access to industry-standard equipment and facilities.

Australian Apprentices receive additional assistance from the Government in most circumstances. Those keen to enter an Apprentice Baker position may benefit from the advice and expertise of an Apprenticeship Centre.

An Apprentice Baker may work in a franchise bakery store; a large factory that produces bulk produce for supermarkets, delicatessens and markets; or a small, independent bakery.

An Apprentice Baker will master the art of:

  • checking production schedule to determine variety and quantity of goods required
  • measuring and mixing ingredients to form dough or batter, according to recipes
  • rolling, cutting and shaping dough to form rolls, pie crusts, tarts, biscuits and cakes
  • mixing icings and other toppings, and decorating cakes, pastries and biscuits
  • using a variety of kitchen tools, including electric mixers, pans, rolling pins and knives
  • developing and adjusting recipes for optimum taste and appearance

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