Curator Jobs in Canada
A Curator acquires, maintains, displays and interprets a collection of artwork that is designed to inform, educate or entertain the audience.

Curators commonly work in museums, art galleries, and other cultural and artistic institutions. They may also work in academic institutions or private galleries, either in private homes or corporate in-house galleries. For example, some major media and banking companies have their own galleries devoted to valuable art collections that are only accessible to Executive staff.

Curators may also participate in the marketing, fundraising, education and public relations campaigns around the collection. They will be required to prepare budgets and establish partnerships with artists, art brokers, collectors and local and international museums and galleries.

Standard duties of a Curator include:

  • cataloguing acquisitions and keeping records
  • researching, writing and designing catalogues
  • writing articles and promotional material for the website
  • planning, organising and overseeing the display of exhibitions and lectures
  • negotiating loan items
  • researching catalogues and collections via online documentation
  • seeking and securing funding and sponsorship from public and private benefactors
  • liaising with management boards, governors, trustees, local council and political groups regarding funding and the selling or development of the collection

Curators may have qualifications in Curatorship, Art History, Museum Studies or Art Management. Growth in multimedia platforms and technology in the production of artwork has required Curators to regularly update their technological knowledge and broaden their definition of artwork and cultural artefacts.

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