Domestic Travel Consultant Jobs in Canada
Domestic Travel Consultants use their knowledge of domestic travel products and services to provide quotes and booking services to corporate and personal customers via email and phone.

There is a high degree of interaction with customers of all natures and requirements, and thus exceptional customer service skills and a love of communicating are the foundations of a good Domestic Travel Consultant.

Duties undertaken daily may include:

  • fulfilling customer domestic travel requirements according to travel policies through a variety of booking streams, including via phone, email, fax or online
  • ensuring all transactions are completed error free and clarifying details with customers and suppliers
  • providing information on weather, landscape and environment, accommodation, tours and entertainment unique to domestic locations
  • plan and book domestic travel itineraries within specified budgetary limitations
  • confirm bookings, including plane, bus, train and ship; notify clients of luggage limits, insurance, medical and passport requirements

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