Gaming Attendant Jobs in Canada
Gaming Attendants are responsible for ensuring that the game operates smoothly. Gaming Attendants provide gamblers with Gaming services in casinos and other gambling establishments.

Gaming Attendants are required to do on-the-job training and may also require licenses to work in Gaming.

Gaming Attendant jobs may include the following tasks:

  • oversee cash given to cashiers and transactions of gaming tokens
  • monitor the gamin tables for possible incidents and settle disputes arising
  • deal games according to casino rules, policies and procedures
  • inform patrons of the rules and etiquette of games
  • monitor gaming equipment and ensuring it is in good condition
  • report missing or damaged equipment

Gaming Attendants may specialise in the following:

  • croupier shuffles and deals cards, runs roulette or money wheels, explains and interprets the rules of games, pay winning bets ,collect losing bets, and sell gaming tokens at the gaming tables
  • a gaming inspector for the establishment supervises all gaming table activities and all staff
  • a gaming inspector for the government reports and investigates illegal activity by casino employees or patrons
  • government gaming inspectors check the financial statistics of the casino, and conduct pre-licensing inspections
  • a gaming machine attendant operates and maintains the gaming machines in the establishments

A Gaming Attendant requires excellent communication skills, ability to do calculations quickly and accurately, ability to work with varied and sometimes difficult customers and be able to concentrate for long periods of time with out distraction.

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