Kitchen Hand Jobs in Canada
Kitchen Hands are responsible for food preparation and cleaning duties within a large, busy kitchen environment. The breadth of a Kitchen Hand’s duties will depend on the size of the business. In a smaller workplace, a Kitchen Hand may be involved in a range of food preparation duties and possibly even the cooking of food. In a larger workplace, such as a hotel or restaurant, the kitchen hand will have a narrow and defined set of duties, such as peeling vegetables or washing dishes.

Essentially, the Kitchen Hand ensures that everything the Chef requires is prepared and ready, including menu ingredients and utensils.

Kitchen Hands can be employed in retail outlets, cafes, restaurants, nursing homes, school canteens and supermarkets.

There are no formal educational qualifications to become a Kitchen Hand. All training can be undertaken on the job. A Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) is offered through registered training organisations including TAFE.

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