Waiter/Waitress Jobs in Canada
Waiter/Waitress jobs involve the service of customers in a food service establishment.

A Waiter/ Waitress’ responsibilities include:

  • ensuring customers meet minimum age requirements for consumption of alcohol
  • receive payments from customers and dispense change as required
  • take customers food and beverage orders on order slips, memorise orders, or enter orders into computers
  • monitor customers to ensure that their needs are being met and take action to correct any problems
  • serve food and beverages to customers
  • prepare a bill that is itemised and includes the total meal costs and taxes
  • clears dishes and glasses from tables though out the meal, and places them in the kitchen for cleaning
  • greets customers upon arrival and shows them to their table
  • present menus to customers and answer questions about menu items, makes recommendations
  • presents daily special to the customers
  • clean tables and restaurant as required
  • to explain various menu items, their preparation, ingredients and cooking methods
  • set tables for meals, including linens, silverware, and glassware as required
  • re-stocking service areas with coffee, bread, butter, tableware, and linens
  • filling salt, pepper, sugar, cream, condiment, and napkin containers
  • recommending suitable wines for the customers food choices
  • serving wines and beverages in appropriate glasses, and pouring the wines for customers

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