Training Facilitator Jobs in Canada
Training Facilitators devise and implement career development programs to encourage professional development and increase employee performance. Training Facilitators decide the way training is provided, what training to provide and develop the necessary training material.

Training Facilitators work in conjunction with the company’s human resource departments to identify needs with in the company. Training Facilitators evaluate the effectiveness and impact of its training programs.

Training Facilitator jobs involve building an understanding of the company’s processes and working with department managers to develop training programs to facilitate improvement to the workforce productivity. Training Facilitators also produce training manuals, multimedia visual aids and educational materials for the company including induction material for new employees.

Training Facilitator jobs may also involve specialising in training managers to increase employee productivity, fostering employee loyalty by providing opportunities for further training, enhancing the skills of senior managers to replace executives who retire and training programs that lessen the impact of change during mergers, restructuring and acquisitions.

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