Analyst Programmer Jobs in Canada
An Analyst Programmer plans, develops, and tests computer programs. Analyst Programmers create and modify programs for financial or resource management systems, statistical results analysis, design analysis ensuring the compatibility with current systems, and computer hardware.

Analyst Programmers work with end users to clarify program objectives and identify current operating procedures. Analyst Programmers use structured analysis and design to plan and develop programs, submitting plans for approval by the project manager.

Analyst Programmer jobs involve:

  • prepares flowcharts and diagrams
  • designs graphic user interfaces for ease of use
  • converts project specifications into detailed instructions and logical steps for coding
  • coding instruction into programming languages
  • inputs program codes into computer system
  • inputs commands into computer to run and test program
  • performs extensive syntax or logic error testing on programs
  • modifies codes to correct errors
  • analyses and alters programs to increase efficiency or adapt to new requirements
  • documents program development, logic, coding, and corrections
  • creates manuals for users outlining installation and operating procedures
  • works with users to solve operating problems
  • monitors the use of the program after implementation

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