Information Architect Jobs in Canada
An Information Architect is responsible for the structure and functionality of content, with the objective of optimising navigation and usability.

Information Architects work with both intranet and internet to maximise use and satisfaction. Making sure the intranet is easy to use and navigate is essential as this prevents users from avoiding the system and using unapproved offline resources. Ensuring optimal navigation and functionality of internet sites is integral to the revenue of e-commerce sites and to company brand and reputation.

The role of an Information Architect is to:

  • combine organisation, labelling and navigation schemes within an information system
  • design the structure of an information space to facilitate task completion and access to content
  • structure and classify websites and intranets to aid people in finding and managing information
  • apply principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape

Successful information architecture is based on a thorough understanding of business objectives and constraints, required and existing content and the needs of users.

Information Architects will research company mission statements, interview users, and conduct tests to determine what content is required and how it is best structured and accessed. They will often have an ongoing role in testing and updating content and structures to suit the changing nature of technology and user requirements.

Common products used by an Information Architect are:

  • site maps
  • annotated page layouts
  • page templates
  • storyboards

An Information Architect enables people to quickly and easily find content, thus improving the chance that users will continue to use and support the system.

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