IT and Communication Management Jobs in Canada
Management in the IT and Communication area involves managing various area within a workplace.

Management jobs in the IT and Communication include overseeing:

  • network planning and implementation of projects and security
  • the WAN for the company
  • management of the telephone systems for the company
  • company training programs
  • internal systems implementation
  • help desk activities, response and systems
  • asset management including vendor relationships
  • purchasing of hardware and software and IT supplies

IT and Communication Management jobs involve working with internal clients from departments of the company to help resolve IT-related issues. IT and Communication Management responsibilities include:

  • conducting regular team meetings
  • preparing relevant IT-related reports for superiors
  • organising informative, presentations for the company
  • conveying difficult/sensitive information to staff
  • conveying IT-related information to the company
  • plans and implements improvements in IT and communications
  • responding to and acting on upper-management directions
  • conducting performance evaluations of staff
  • conducting performance evaluations of internal processes and consider improvements to be implemented

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