Multimedia Programmer Jobs in Canada
Multimedia Programmers work within software/multimedia companies, computer games companies, IT companies and web design companies. Multimedia Programmer jobs involve the maintenance and creation of in-house websites, multimedia projects and new application development.

Multimedia Programmer jobs include:

  • working with the designer to understand the design concept and advising on how it can be achieved technically
  • applying operational logic and business rules that are necessary for the feature to be reproduced according to the designer’s specification
  • producing computer code to make the design features work, ensuring that sound, graphics, animations and timings work as intended
  • creating and linking databases to the user interface so that information can be accessible via the application
  • producing html and using authoring packages to create content and effects
  • testing of the application to identify problems which need to be fixed
  • problem solving by re-writing the code or adding new code
  • providing technical support once the application is running so further adaptations, patches can be done as required
  • creating new multimedia product designs
  • meeting with managers to discuss requirements and project progress
  • demonstrating and receiving feedback about products
  • keeping up to date with technological and software developments
  • knowledge of appropriate programming languages
  • creating user-friendly and effective products and applications

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