Security Engineer Jobs in Canada
Security Engineers jobs involve the designing, evaluating, testing and implementation of security systems to ensure data integrity of the company is maintained and is current.

A Security Engineer develops plans to test the security of the systems of a company to improve their policies and protocols. Security measures developed by the Security Engineer protect the company’s data from hackers, viruses and loss.

A Security Engineer develops security measures to monitor uses of the data including visitors to the site and organisational users, as well as measures to authenticate users of the systems and make sure that no hacker can pass through.

A Security Engineer has to ensure the company is kept operational during work hours, this may involve after hours work when maintaining backup schedules and when upgrading.

A Security Engineer may be required to:

  • make reports on the security systems to his supervisors
  • maintain up to date technical skills
  • work in front of a computer for long hours each day
  • anticipate and detect a hacker’s activities
  • logically problem solve and troubleshoot

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